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Can You Benefit
  • Any organization can benefit through use of a smartphone mobile app in today’s landscape.
  • If your members, and we know they do, use their smartphone regularly.  Why not put your app in their hand.
  • Whether you just want an mobile app used for giving or if you need a fully-functioning app to fit all your needs, mobile app is the solution.
Features and Functionality

  • Our Church-on-the-Go Mobile App was designed with giving in mind. This simple app enables your members to quickly and easily give from their smartphone or tablet.
  • Customized mobile apps have everything you want and more. Calendars, podcasts, video, photos and giving.
Easily Accessible

  • This one is easy. Apps are everywhere. The chances are, if you have a phone, you have mobile app.
  • Let your members browse your Mobile App and find out about the events you are coordinating or to make a donation.
  • Never before has giving anytime and anywhere been more true than now. NCS Services has mobile apps that can be customized for your needs.

  • Apps are the modern day solution to getting your word out. Nothing works simpler than an app in the palm of your hand at all times of the day.
Reasons to Enroll Now

  • Apps keep your members constantly engaged. Your message, your calendar, your cause at their fingertips.
  • Regardless of the size of your organization, one of our app solutions can fit your need. When you just want your members to give, we have an affordable solution that lets you do just that. If you want to utilize all the power of the latest technology in phones, we have a customizable solution for you as well.
  • Enroll Now


NCS Services pledge management takes the pan out of managing pledge campaigns over time
NCS Services event registration and tracking
NCS Services guest donor allows for one time or non-member donations
NCS Services comprehensive reporting
NCS Services: e-Giving by NCS Services is a leader in online giving
NCS Services text message giving
NCS Services mobile apps provide information to users and enable donation via mobile device
NCS Services online and POS checkout for churches and nonprofits
NCS Services kiosks provide attractive information portals and easy to use donation capabilities
NCS Services mobile apps provide information to users and enable donation via mobile device
Communicate instantly with your constituents with text blasting